5 Copywriting Tips That Will Skyrocket Sales For Your Business

5 Copywriting Tips That Will Skyrocket Sales For Your Business

Have you ever wondered why some companies in the same industry are more successful than others?

One thing that sets these companies apart is how well they are able to use copywriting in their marketing strategy.

Copywriting is the art and science of using persuasive words to get your audience to take a specific action.

It is a fundamental part of any successful marketing strategy.

If you would like to skyrocket sales for your business, then this article is for you.

Here are 5 copywriting tips that you can implement and see results almost immediately.

5 Copywriting Tips to Boost Sales

1. Focus on Your Customers

You have to understand that until you focus more on your customers and their needs, your sales will not improve.

Don’t use pronouns like I, me, we, our, us in your copy. The truth is no one cares about you.

They care about how your project can make their lives easier.

You can use words like YOU and YOURS to emphasize this.

For example:


  • We have 300 customer care representatives.


  • Resolve your issues in less than a minute.

2. Sell Benefits not Features

People do not buy things for what they are (features).

They buy things for what they do (benefits).

So, if you do more of telling your audience how amazing the features of your product are, STOP IT! THEY DON’T CARE.

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Instead, tell them how your product can help them SOLVE their problems.

Steve Jobs (of blessed memory) didn’t say the iPod had 100GB memory.

He said “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Got it?

People don’t care about what your product or service can do. They care about what it can do for them.

For example:


  • Our accounting software has the best security system.


  • The accounting software has a rigid security system, designed to protect it from all kind of hackers.

3. Tap into Their Emotions

If you want people to buy your products, you have to trigger their emotions.

Tap into their fears, desires, lust, ego, greed, guilt, security etc.

These are the factors that influence their buying decisions.

Emotion is the ULTIMATE KEY to sales.

To have any chance of success in your business, you have to understand the emotions that trigger your audience.

Then appeal to these emotions in your copy.

4. Craft Compelling Stories

People love hearing stories or don’t you?

Sharing your story is a proven way to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

It’s a way to show them you understand their pains, and you know what it feels like to be in their shoes,

It positions you as the best person to help them solve their problems.

This makes them emotional which (as I mentioned in the last point) is the KEY to sales.

You can also share stories of your existing customers and how your product or service helped them transform their lives.

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Remember, your customer is the hero in your stories.

5. Have an Irresistible Offer

To craft an irresistible offer, you have to make your audience an offer they can’t refuse.

Such that the value of your offer outweighs the cost.

And how do you achieve this?

By using bundles, bonuses, exclusive access, payments in instalments, money-back guarantee and so on.

A combination of one or more of these increases the perceived value of your product or service in the eyes of your audience.

Final Thoughts

If you implement the copywriting tips above for your business, you are bound to see immediate results.

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Wale Adeyemi

Wale Adeyemi is a digital marketing and copywriting specialist with years of experience helping businesses generate more revenue through paid traffic campaigns and high converting sales copy.

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